It`s your teeth – We can help you

Are you anxious or afraid of going to the dentist?


As one of few clinics, we offer our patients a team consisting of practitioners with a specialization in treating patients suffering from dental anxiety, also known as odontophobia. Additionally, we offer you a clinic where you can feel completely safe. We practice the value of time, so that you feel more in control and that the treatment follow your own pace.


Before starting up with any dental procedures, we want to establish mutual trust and get to know you first. It is important to us to understand what each patient’s wants or need ahead of any procedure; here we want our patients to have all the information needed and to give good advice when it comes to your dental health. All of your questions will be answered, do not hesitate to ask us. We want to keep all of our patients updated and informed at all time.


If you want your dental treatment under sedation, we have a few options to offer. At our clinic, you can have your treatment done with oral medication or nitrous oxide, or in severe cases under general anesthesia. It is your teeth and your dental health.


At Fjærvik Klinikken we`ve put together a great team consisting of experienced and qualified dentists, specialized surgeons and anesthetics, nurses, assistants and secretaries. Together we provide the competence and qualification optimal to your dental health. All practitioners at our clinics are up to date with the latest and most modern techniques used in dentistry, and we often arrange professional meetings to discuss new topics.


All of our practitioners speaks both Norwegian and English, communication is important to us. All practitioners were educated in Norway.


Fjærvik Klinikken also cooperate with several different dental technicians in order to offer quality and prices for your own choosing. Before starting your dental treatment, we will give you a total overview over any expenses of the treatment, and the amount of appointment needed.


If by any chance your dentist should get sick at the time of you appointment, you will be offered treatment from another dentist, or you can reschedule without any additional fee.


We can offer ALL TYPES of treatments inclusive implants and prosthetics. We also treat orthodontic cases with the use of the “see through”, invisible system called Invisalign.


We can offer emergency appointments every day, we always have a dentist available on call.